Vertical Louver Panel
Vertical Louver Panel

Vertical Louver Panel



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PalmSHIELD Louvers is excited to announce the launch of Vertical Seclusion, their brand new vertical louver screening and fence system. Vertical louvers are popular for mechanical enclosures and matching existing rooftop equipment screening designs. PalmSHIELD recognizes that most buildings’ eaves and roof panels have a vertical alignment in panel ridges or ribbing. Where the louvered screening aligns closely to the roofing and eaves; designers want to continue its pattern for a consistent, uniform look.

Traditional single profile louvers don’t provide the consistent screening necessary when installed vertically, creating a bit of a challenge for the team at PalmSHIELD. As you pass from right to left in front of the louvered screen or fence, they would go from practically no visibility to full visibility. Traditional horizontal louver set-ups do not encounter this issue because the louvers are rotated to a specific angle that provides necessary screening at a standard line of sight.

PalmSHIELD solved this problem by utilizing a double profile vertical louver design. At any angle, this style has complete coverage but still maintains good air flow. On request, the louvers may be adjusted to allow light to pass and establish some visibility or increase air flow.

The other challenge with this design was the use of supporting braces. Due to the fact that the louvers are vertically placed for this product, the supporting braces would have had to be horizontal, which would clash with the overall vertical appeal. To negate the use of a supporting brace, PalmSHIELD chose a vertical louver with significant structural integrity to be used on standard height panels.

Vertical Seclusion is available in our traditional aluminum louvers and in a galvanized steel louver design. Both of these vertical louver designs can be powder coated to match your specific color choice.